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…providing financial assistance and services for people and families affected with a life threatening disease.

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About the Shadows Foundation

The Shadows Foundation is a local, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Shadows is dedicated to helping those individuals in need who are affected by life threatening diseases by providing services and financial assistance when they need it most.

By collaborating with local businesses, seeking grant submissions, working with generous private donors, and holding fund raising events, the Shadows Foundation allocates assistance and services to individuals and their families in their times of greatest need.

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Better Bucks!

A Better Way of Giving…

In an attempt to discourage panhandling by individuals who use the cash they receive from donors to feed substance abuse problems while at the same time remaining compassionate to those with legitimate needs, participating businesses have joined together the the Flagstaff Police Department and the Shadows Foundation to develop a system that allows donors to buy vouchers for non-alcoholic and non-tobacco related goods at participating businesses.

Vouchers allow donors to express their compassion free from concerns that their charity will be used by panhandlers to engage in self-destruction, and vouchers benefit participating retailers by providing increased business.

Click here to learn more. You can pick up your Betterbucks at the following locations:

Bashas’ Woodlands Village

UPS Store – Walmart Shopping Center

Catholic Charities Community Services

Flagstaff Farmers Market 

Eastside Family Medicine

Flagstaff Soap Company

Marjele’s Sports Grill

Flagstaff Visitor Center

Good Will Industries

KAFF Country

The Shadows Foundation mission is to provide financial assistance and support services to Flagstaff and Northern Arizona residents. Shadows seeks to meet the needs of individuals and their families affected with life threatening disease and illness when they need it most.

Every year families in our communities have their lives affected by life threatening diseases that lead to either loss of a loved one or prolonged illness. As a result, they often suffer financial hardships due to compounded medical expenses, reduced earnings and accrued household debt.

  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Medication and Treatment Assistance
  • Utilities and Living Expenses
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Professional Services Support
  • Financial Planning Education
  • + So Much More!

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