Shadows Assistance Services

The Shadows Foundation mission is to provide financial assistance and support services to Flagstaff and Northern Arizona residents. Shadows seeks to meet the needs of individuals and their families affected by life threatening disease and illness when they need it most.

All applicants applying for extended financial assistance must meet qualifying guidelines stipulated in Shadows Application. (See our Apply for application and guidelines)

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Many illnesses and disease have ongoing and lingering ailments. If you require rehabilitation assistance, as prescribed by your physician, the Shadows Foundation can help. Cost for programs needed for rehabilitation after during recovery.

Prepaid gas cards, supplied by our Sponsors and Affiliates, will be provided to individuals for transportation to and from medical facilities for treatments.

* This service can be extended to individuals who reside outside of the Coconino County area such as Mohave and Yavapai, but are required to commute to Coconino County for physician visits, rehabilitation services, and other treatments.

The Shadows Foundation is offering assistance with necessary medications and medical treatments prescribed by a physician that are not covered by insurance.

Everyday living expenses are not always a concern of insurance companies. The Shadows Foundation will help you cover necessary utilities costs such as gas, electric, and water. If you have special needs that are considered a “necessary living expense”, we may be able to help you with that as well.

These assistance services may include, but are not limited to, professional services such as lawyers, house hold repairs, accountants, contractors, professional counseling, and personal home care assistance. The Shadows Foundation is networking with local businesses and service providers to provide this assistance. See our Affiliates page for more information.

This service is available for applicants that are in need of special foods or a restricted diet due to illness.

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Please be aware that funds are limited and based on availability. Applicants must meet Shadows eligibility requirements. 

Upon receipt of the acceptance letter, depending on patients needs the patient may be required to meet with a financial advisor provided by Shadows before final approval.